Calculator on water

Calculator on water

Brand: H20 Power
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Electrical calculator that runs on water batteries. Just fill the batteries with (tab)water when they are empty. This will be like every 2-3 months. The lifespan of the batteries is minimum 2 years. All components of the battery can be recycled.

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Water Powered Products

No Batteries, no electricity, just add water

The new Water Powered Product range from Tango Group is the latest in ecological and environmental design. Incorporating dependable water powered technology, together with conventional digital products that are used in our everyday lives - allows you the freedom of not having to buy batteries again!

This has all been made possible by ground-breaking developments in portable power technology operated by an inexhaustible resource - “water”.

The patented technology simulates a basic battery concept where two electrodes consisting of specially formulated alloys, one positive the other negative, are immersed in water. As soon as water comes in contact with both electrodes an electrochemical reaction takes place resulting in the production of electrical energy. To maintain a constant supply of energy simply refill as the water evaporates. This system has a minimum continuous life of at least 2 years.

As all the components of the water battery are environmentally friendly the benefits over traditional batteries are countless. Every year billions of conventional dry cell batteries are used, and the recycling of such waste is not only expensive but often incomplete, resulting in hazardous pollution and damage to our environment.

The Water Powered Products are the most unique powered products on the market. By just adding water you are providing your product with an endless source of energy, never needing conventional batteries again!

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